About us

We are Agne and Prithvi, travel enthusiasts who believe in exploring the world beyond the typical checklists and bucket lists on the internet incl. ChatGPT has to offer. We want to extend our joy of travel with everyone, by creating an itinerary for you with our personal knowledge and experiences of the destination. We offer customized trip plans, as well as end-to-end booked trips. Find more about our services under “Services”.

About Agne

I was born in Lithuania, a small country on the Baltic Sea. My love of travel started when I was a child. Every summer my parents and I went camping in tents on various Baltic lakes or by the sea. I developed a passion for hiking and discovering new places.

When I turned 18, I moved to the UK to study and from then on, my real travel adventures began. Since then, I visited more than a dozen destinations, ranging from Canada to Japan, from crashing on couches offered by couch surfing communities, and tents to luxury hotels. I enjoy all types of travel experiences, as each one provides a unique thrill, and adds to my love of trying the next location.

In addition to my travels, I have lived in six countries – the UK, India, UAE, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, where I now live. I would love to share my experiences to help others to plan their unique holiday adventure, and further deepen their understanding and connection to the amazing, beautiful world we live in.

About Prithvi

Born and raised in different states across India, moving and traveling was a part of my growing up. Learning the local language, adapting the local way of life, embracing local food habits all became imperative.

I have lived across Europe for the past decade, which allowed me to fuel my passion for traveling and opening up the world to me. In addition to traveling, I consider myself a foodie, which means I treat my taste buds to delicacies wherever I am. Currently, I live in the Netherlands and continue exploring the world. I am also an avid reader, enjoy hiking and up for an adventure at the drop of a hat.